Elon Musk sold all 20K Boring flamethrowers, bringing in $10M


Elon Musk’s flamethrower, branded and sold via The Boring Company, his new tunnel digging venture, is now all sold out. That means 20,000 buyers have secured pre-orders, and at $500 per, that adds up to $10 million in committed funds heading to The Boring Co’s coffers.

Musk started selling these via The Boring Company’s website just a few short days ago, on Saturday, January 27. He noted that 15,000 were sold just yesterday, and now the remaining 5,000 are all claimed, per a tweet from the serial founder.

The sell-out of flamethrower stock follows The Boring Company’s first successful merch venture, which involved selling 50,000 branded hats to fans. Musk must be feeling magnanimous after doing so well with these tangential revenue-generation tactics, because he’s also giving away a “complimentary” Boring Co fire extinguisher with each flamethrower sold.

The Boring Co. had been retailing these separately as $30 add-ons, but maybe some of the criticism levied against Musk and his company for selling something that potentially dangerous got through, or maybe no one bought any of the fire extinguishers and so they had a bunch of stock they needed to be ride of.

This doesn’t mean Musk has raised $10 million free and clear via the sale of the flamethrowers for his young company, but the markup is probably huge so the total sum of funds generated this way isn’t anything to sneeze at, either.

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