Advantage of Virtual Reality

By: Joseph Reis – X Tech News

Top Ways to Take Advantage of Virtual Reality

Virtual reality (VR) technology is perhaps one of the amazing creations of mankind. Virtual reality is not just a technology capable of connecting people, but it also provides us exposure to feelings, sounds, and sights.

With VR, technology now enables us to feel close to life environment in an invented setting. According to Wikipedia, Virtual Reality is a term that refers to computer technologies, which utilize virtual reality headset to produce the realistic sounds, images, and other sensations, which transform a real environment or make an imaginary setting. While the Virtual reality is still new to a lot of people, there are different ways to enjoy this. Here are some of the virtual activities and settings you can experience.


Skydiving is one of those extreme sports, which some individual only dream of doing because it’s costly. If you are searching for an affordable and safer way to feel skydiving, the virtual reality is the way. You can fly up to high altitudes through Volo Airsport – a kind of physics stimulator, which enables you to hang on to your life and experience skydiving.


In other cases, a virtual reality headset also enables you to experience swimming. But, it is more than that. VR will also enable you to feel what it is like to be swimming underseas with countless of whales, sharks and fishes swimming around you. You will surely fell like being underwater as you’ll be able to hear and see the sounds and beauty of such sea creatures.


Have you ever imagined of flying? Well, this is your opportunity to experience how this feels like. With the use of Virtual Reality glasses, you can fly. This glass provides to people a very authentic video or image, which helps users establish the excitement and momentum for the whole experience. Apart from that, if you wish to feel flying, you might try this new discovery made by the scientists of Interaction Design Program in Zurich University known as Birdly. In case you didn’t know yet, Birdly is a VR console, which enables an individual to lie on a padded, cross-shaped apparatus and offers an individual the feeling of flying across countryside or over buildings.


If you are at home, lying on your bed and have nothing to do, riding a roller coaster is an excellent idea. indeed, it’s only that simple if you have your own virtual reality headset. Begin feeling the gravity as the roller coaster turns and twists upside down. You will find lots of VR headsets, which include built-in games wherein you can experience an extreme and thrilling roller coaster ride. Further, there’s a stimulator referred No Limits 2 that enable you to experience a roller coaster ride in a whole different level.

There you have it, the top ways to enjoy virtual reality. You can now surely maximize using your virtual reality headset with these activities, you will surely enjoy.

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