Ten bluetooth speakers for wireless music

Ten bluetooth speakers for wireless music

By: Joseph Reis – X Tech News

Comfortable and portable, but without sacrificing quality: bluetooth speakers for all budgets and all spaces.

Retromania is good and right (up to a certain point, of course) and this is why we can only look forward to the return to our homes of turntables produced with contemporary technologies. This does not mean that 33 laps and plate are not cumbersome and problematic, as we live today. We live in ever smaller spaces, often cohabiting, and to listen to music we must look for different solutions. The computer speakers are one of those, and the worst: to settle down is frugal and cool, but there are other possibilities.

Like the bluetooth speakers. Far from being the more or less huge and unwatchable brick they were originally, they are the most stylish and advantageous solution from the point of view of the quality-price ratio (they are obviously the exception of the custom-built in the sector). They will not carry the warmth of the pops of the discs, but on the other hand they are versatile, they are on average easily transportable, and where you put them, they are. And they’re fine. Between sound quality and design, these are the most beautiful views around.

  1. Bowers and Wilkins Zeppelin Wireless

The design is already enough and moves forward to make it love, but they also bring their technical characteristics: for example, the case is actually composed of 2 tweeters, 2 midrange and 1 subwoofer, for a roundness of balanced sound. Some details are less exciting, such as the failure to recharge the Zeppelin via USB. Price 766.12 dollars.

  1. Marshall Kilburn

Speaking of rock icons that do not charge to the USB port, you can not miss the vintage bluetooth speaker par excellence, based on the design, passed to history, of the Marshall amp. We chose this model compared to the larger Woburn and Stanmore, really very heavy. In comparison with the older brothers, here there is only heavy sound, particularly incisive bass. Price is 258.94 dollars.

  1. Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay S3

With the BeoPlay line, Bang & Olufsen has tried to restore the same clarity of listening to its traditional audio systems but with a single speaker, to be positioned and transported wherever and however you want. The challenge is won by all the old models, even visually speaking. The extra touch gives it this sound block with an intriguing geometric design. Forbidden dream: connect two for a stereo and wireless environment. Price is 362 dollars.

  1. JBL Clip 2

The IPX7 cover makes it accident-proof based on unwanted drinks, and the weight of just 184 grams means maximum transportability: but this does not mean that the small size entails sacrifices in terms of quality. The Clip 2 is durable, has a battery that lasts up to 8 hours and also costs little. If you want something more, you have to change category and switch to something less portable. Price is 47 dollars.

  1. EU Boom 2

The improved version of the now-famous Ultimate Ears bluetooth case is waterproof, has a battery that lasts 15 hours and a range of 30 meters. It is not enough? It can go with another portable device, and the associated app can also turn it into an alarm (with music, of course). Half a pound of weight does it seem to you little? There is always the biggest Megaboom. Price is 112 dollars.

  1. Sonos One

The reference point for what concerns expandable bluetooth systems: with two Sonos available you can create a stereo system that responds to the characteristics of the device, that is rich, powerful, with crystalline highs and deep bass. The app / remote control is then fundamental not only for the control of the songs but for the function Trueplay, which analyzes the acoustics of the environment where the speaker is positioned. The price is 211 dollars.

  1. House of Marley Riddim BT Mini

A project signed by the sons of Bob and who intends to put on the market products for listening to music, from turntables to headphones, particularly suitable for those who love reggae (and then look for the bass that pumps ). Riddim is interesting because it is partially built with recycled materials. Equipped with a microphone, for the possibility of giving voice commands to the device. The price is 138 dollars.

  1. Creative Muvo 2c

Among the speakers considered, certainly the cheapest. Yet not at all a ciofeca: essential design, resistance to splashing water and, even if small, with a defined and complex sound that puts fear to larger colleagues. In addition, it is also generous: the music can also be played by inserting a micro-SD card, something that others do not allow. On the other hand, the battery does not last long. The price is 48 dollars.

  1. Hazang

These delicious gadgets are among the most recent to have made their appearance in the particular subcategory of the speakers (almost) all built in bamboo, and have a unique story: they come from Vietnam, where they are currently the only product of the homonymous start-up. It is available in two models with low prices (326 or 475 dollars).

  1. The Vamp

Unusual uses of technology: The Vamp is a colorful cube that does not play anything of its own, but promises to revive dead amplifiers of any type and brand, simply by being connected, and to turn them into bluetooth speakers. Also in this case there are two models: the base one and The Vamp Stereo, which can “take care” of several speakers at the same time.

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