Videogames for less than ten euros that you cannot miss

Videogames for less than ten euros that you cannot miss

By: Joseph Reis – X Tech News

Mobile games, PS4, Xbox or PC. With a short budget you can do these days with a title, whatever your platform, with which to have several hours of entertainment

We could talk to you about the best games of the year. We could also, at this point of Christmas, talk to you about the most anticipated of the upcoming course. But we have preferred to look for ten video games with which to make your holiday fun, if you have them. And all thrown away, that you have left enough money between gifts, invisible friends and other appointments of rigor. If you are looking for something to kill time with, it does not matter if you have a cell phone, a computer or a console.

‘Remakes’, ‘clasicazos’ of PS4 or Xbox or, simply, jewels in the form of video game for mobiles and tablets. It is possible to find a handful of options, wherever you want to play, for just ten euros thanks to the offers launched on these dates sites such as Steam or Sony or Microsoft online stores.

Love To You Bits

To play alone or accompanied by the youngest of the house, ‘Love You to Bit’ is a graphic adventure that will set you dozens of puzzles to guide the clumsy explorer Kosmo throughout the universe. The objective? Recover the pieces and rebuild his robot girlfriend. A game that is enjoyed on a generous screen like a tablet.

Price: 4.99 euros ($5.99) in the Apple Store, 4.19 euros ($5.03) in Google Play.

Platforms: iOS, Android.

Reigns: Her Majesty

Feel like the same Cersei Lannister in the second part of one of the best mobile games of recent times. Counsellors, soldiers, monks, princes, allies, and enemies, You will have to respond to the dilemmas they pose to you while watching your people’s devotion, your popularity, your military might and, above all, the finances of your crown. Watch out. If you neglect one to save another, you may end up in exile, victim of a rebellion or dead after a conspiracy. The goal is for your reign to be fair, prosperous and especially long.

Price: 3.49 euros ($4.11) in the Apple Store, 3.19 euros ($3.83) in Google Play.

Platforms: iOS, Android.

Monument Valley II

The most beautiful mobile game ever created has a new release. ‘Monument Valley II’ in this case invites you to travel a world of convoluted ways and perspectives as you guide a mother and her daughter through a series of puzzles that will force you to look for impossible solutions in a series of unique scenarios.

Price: 3.49 euros ($4.11) in the Apple Store, 3.19 ($3.83) euros in Google Play.

Platforms: iOS, Android.

Pokémon Edition Gold & Silver

Long live the classics! The Pokémon is a saga with which they have grown several generations . Now Nintendo returns to reissue, through digital download, eighteen years later the deliveries of ‘Pokémon Silver Edition’ and ‘Pokémon Gold Edition’. An alternative for the most nostalgic, who may have several hours of fun for 9.9 euros.

Price: 9.9 euros ($11.87).

Platforms: Nintendo 2DS, 3DS and 3DS XL. Silver Edition. Gold Edition.

Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition

An ‘indie’ aesthetic game that captures by its design and its careful settings. Between the platform game and the exploration, ‘Ori and the blind forest’ will take you through different missions inside the great tree of the forest, occupied by darkness. In the Microsoft store for Xbox we find the 2016 edition.

Price: 10 euros ($11.99) with Xbox Gold Pass.

Platforms: Xbox One.

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag

Little to say about ‘Assassin’s Creed’, a mythical saga with a large legion of followers. These days you can find only for ten euros the delivery of 2013, which will transport you to the Golden Age of Piracy. If you did not play it then, it’s your moment.

Price: 10 euros ($11.99). (8.00 euros ($9.60) if you have Xbox Gold Pass)

Platforms: Xbox One.

Final Fantasy VII

One of the most successful deliveries of the Final Fantasy saga, Re-enter the skin of the Strife mercenary and join the ranks of the terrorist group AVALANCHA to stop Shinra and the evil Sefirot. A game that you can find in the Steam winter offers only for 6.49 euros.

Price: 6.49 euros ($7.78).

Platform: PC.

The Witcher 3

It does not fit our limit of ten euros. But the truth is that it is an irresistible offer. If you have not yet gotten a hand, this is your chance to enjoy what was the best game of the year of 2016 for practically all of the criticism. You can enjoy ‘The Witcher 3’ and its impressive open world on your PS4 for only 14.99 euros ($17.98) thanks to the digital download.

Price: 14.99 euros ($17.98).

Platform: PS4.


This adventure in the first person will put you in the skin of a forest ranger that, with the only company of a ‘walkie-talkie’, has to go through the bowels of a natural park to unveil a rare mystery in a very hot summer. A journey of exploration that reflects on loss and loneliness, crowned as one of the best of 2016.

Price: 8.99 euros ($10.78).

Platform: PS4.

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