The best drones that took off in 2017

The best drones that took off in 2017

By: Joseph Reis – X Tech News

DJI Phantom 4

The Chinese firm, the largest producer of aircraft in the world, has continued to squeeze this type of electronic devices that have become a trend although they have long been used for professional purposes. Agriculture, recognition work, film production are some of the main uses. This particular model covers those needs.

It should be remembered that drones are not toys. They are subject to the different air safety regulations of the countries. The European Union is working to establish an airspace for these unmanned aircraft, whose landing in the recreational environment has only just begun. With an austere but practical design, this professional drone is handled in a fluid way.

It weighs more than a kilogram and stays in flight for almost half an hour with the fully charged battery provided by a density of 5,800 mAh. It also reaches a speed of 72 km / h in sports mode. This quadrocopter uses a camera that offers a quality of 12 megapixels, used to take aerial photographs and record video in 4K quality. Compatible with iOS and Android operating systems, the device has improved its intelligence system stabilization thanks to a series of sensors distributed throughout the chassis that allows it to detect (and avoid) obstacles.

Parrot Bebop 2 Power

The other big drone firm has also renewed its products this year. Although it is defined for a more fun use, it can be taken advantage of professionally. The firm has an extensive catalog of minidrones of all kinds, even thought to move on the ground.

This quadrocopter recreational is able to have a range of 60 minutes and has a recognition system that uses special FPV glasses to analyze the environment. Thanks to this, it is even possible to compete in drone races, a modality that has already begun to mount competitions around.

Thanks to its aerodynamics and its optimized propulsion system, it can reach up to 65 km / h in sport mode and withstand winds of up to 60 km / h. With a single click you can take automatic shots such as 360 ° panoramas, different travellings with simultaneous camera movement and, of course, magic dronies -orbit, tornado, parabola or boomerang-, ideal for recording yourself.

Its 14 megapixel CMOS sensor allows you to record videos in Full HD at 30 fps and take photos in JPEG and RAW formats, ideal for touch-ups of the post-production stage. Its patented 3-axis digital stabilization technology guarantees images of amazing stability by reducing vibrations and overlaps. It is compatible with the iOS and Android operating systems.

Yuneec Typhoon H RTF

Originally designed in the form of a hexacopter, it offers functions for the professional. The flight time is about 25 minutes with the CGO3 + camera with 4K resolution (UHD). The ST16 ground station with the Android operating system has a 7-inch touch screen, where you can see live images of your flight with an HD resolution of 720 pixels, and offers a variety of autonomous flight modes.

Its camera with 3-axis gimbal with vibration damping, makes UHD recordings without wobbling in 4K resolution and 12 megapixel photographs full of life. In addition you can rotate 360 ​​°. It has a high quality glass wide angle lens with a visual angle of 94 ° and can be set manually during the flight.

It includes an obstacle detection system in autonomous mode to prevent it from crashing. That’s possible thanks to the intelligent sonar sensors in the front, which allow you to be able to automatically avoid obstacles. This anti-collision system provides a safe and stress-free flight.

Propel Drones Star Wars

Although they do not have professional applications and their use is limited to a playful circuit, their design is very fun. This family of drones includes three models of ships Star Wars, are finished by hand and numbered individually. The T-65 X-wing Starfighter, the TIE Advanced X1 by Darth Vader and the Speeder Bike 74-Z from The Return of the Jedi, are the first drones available that will offer new pilots the opportunity to fly for the Empire or the Alliance Rebel.

These pieces of highly advanced machinery are packed in a collectible, personalized box. They incorporate the intelligent technology that allows to launch several types of multiplayer laser battles, with an exceptional accuracy.

In addition to flying at speeds in excess of 56 km / h in less than three seconds, a unique flight control algorithm allows for special maneuvers that mimic the Star Wars flight patterns, such as forward corkscrew movements and innovative drones technology. of inverse propulsion that gives to the ships of a greater realism when flying.

DJI Mavic Pro

Handy, comfortable and transportable, because it fits in a bag. This aircraft, capable of staying in flight for thirty minutes, is small but powerful. Its compact size hides a great level of complexity. It has 24 high performance cores, with a completely new transmission system with a range of 7 kilometers, 5 visual sensors and a 4K camera supported by a stabilizer in three axes are at your disposal with just the press of your thumb or give a tap on the screen.

It has two screens of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels and can make a video transmission at 1,080 p quality. Equipped with Flight Autonomy that gives this model coordination to avoid any obstacle. It moves at 65 km / h. To detect obstacles up to 15 meters, the drone includes a detection system. This way you can avoid them or decelerate until you stop in the air, avoiding accidents even out of sight.

Syma X5C Explorers

Designed for beginners, this six-axis quadrocopter holds up to 10 minutes in flight and includes a high-definition camera. The photographic sensor is 2,560 x 1,440 pixels. It stands out especially for its high resistance to shocks and blows. Although it is not the most advanced nor the most pointer, it is an interesting option to start flying with these machines. It does not behave well against strong gusts of wind. But its price is its great asset, less than one hundred euros. It weighs less than one kilogram.

Hubsan H107C + HD

Another cheap and accessible drone is this model whose battery lasts about ten minutes. Small in size, it has a range of up to one hundred meters and presents a high definition camera, which for a playful use, but you can not ask for more details and features if you want to use it for commercial purposes. It has a set of LED lights that give it personality. This minidrone in the form of quadrocopters comes equipped with a 720p HD front camera with a resolution of 1,280 x 720 pixels and weighs only 56 grams. Perfect to start moving in the air.

DJI Spark

This drone of the Chinese manufacturer marks the direction over which these aircraft have to fly, another of the hottest trends in the sector and with which they are already experienced as elements for transport. Its main differentiating feature is that it does not require a remote control for navigation. Its innovative take-off system allows you to start your flight even from the palm of your hand.

In only 300 grams is available to the main functions that are claimed to this type of devices, remember that they are not toys and are subject to aviation safety regulations in force in the European framework. For example, a 12 megapixel camera and resolution up to 4K.

This drone moves at a speed of 50 km / h up to a maximum of two kilometers away and reaches four thousand meters in height, although its autonomy has not been improved (15 minutes maximum). But where his revolution has shown most has been through its control system, which offers options to master it with gestures, has an automatic way to make selfies and adapt to the type of image you want to photograph.

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