Five tricks to prevent the new iOS update from eating your battery

By: Joseph Reis – X Tech News

Apple has already released its iOS version 11.2.1. But it seems that it does not help the batteries too much. So, we leave you these tricks until, at least, launch a new version.

After the earthquake that hit Apple a few weeks ago because of the discovery that they lowered the performance of their old mobiles to avoid, in theory, that autonomy fell, the Cupertino decided to take these days a new update to alleviate the crisis. The version of iOS 11.2.1, in addition to correcting a security failure of the Home kit system, should help improve fluidity and battery consumption, but complaints keep coming.

Therefore, and until Apple gives a new solid solution for the performance, and autonomy, of your mobile back to what they were (has 13 lawsuits in progress for this matter) we leave you a few tricks that can help you fight against these problems. We cannot load the operating system, for now, but we can adjust it to be more efficient.

From the abrupt change of battery, to a simple modification of the configuration of some of your applications, there are options for all tastes. With the pressure of consumers and the series of demands that will have to face, it is normal for Apple to offer, in not too long, an alternative that will save the anger of users and courts, but until then these tips you can come very well, and your iPhone too.

Battery change

It was the first solution that Reddit users who discovered the fault put on the table. By the tests carried out by the Geekbench Company, everything pointed to the fact that the software that caused the devices to slow down appeared just as the mobile noticed that the battery was starting to degrade, so they decided to carry out this drastic change, and it worked.

According to some experts, changing the ‘stack’ of your iPhone every 15 or 24 months could make your ‘smartphone’, which you thought dead, revive. But in the iPhone the battery can be changed? It is more expensive than in other models, but yes. And if you do not dare to play, on YouTube you can find hundreds of tutorials to guide you.

Manage your applications

A classic among the classics, but still working. Every day there are more applications and we wanted to have them all, that’s true, but many destroy not only the performance of our phone but also drain our battery.

To know which ‘apps’ are the most resources are consuming on your device go to Settings> Battery and there you will have all the data. The advisable thing is that you take advantage of the movement and you load, of step, the ‘apps’ that more vampires and those that less you use. We all know that Facebook or Twitter are usually in the TOP 5 in the ranking of use of resources but it is already your criterion to decide if you can live without them, or you prefer to load others that consume less take up a space for nothing.

Finally, many times review the available updates of these ‘apps’ helps improve their efficiency. So, before carrying out the erasure of programs you can see if the version you have of it is the last one.

Control Siri

Siri every year does more things, and is one of the prides of Cupertino, but can also become a small enemy for your mobile. Being always alert for when you need it, consumes a large number of resources even if you do not use their help throughout the day.

If you want Siri to rest a little, and not exhaust your energy, you can go to Settings> Siri and Search, and turn off the different functions offered. That does not mean that Siri disappears, only that she will not answer you whenever you say ‘Hey, Siri’.

Brightness and Effects

A new sacrifice to have more autonomy and improve performance. Apple, like the rest of manufacturers, increasingly affects the user experience, but those effects and that image quality that amazes us have a price, and are paid with the battery.

In our mission to maximize our stack, lowering the brightness and removing the effects and transitions is a fundamental part. To do this you only have to go to Settings> General> Accessibility and in that screen look for the sections ‘ Increase contrast ‘ and ‘ Reduce movement ‘. By entering them you can lower the level of movement and transparencies, preventing them from eating so many resources.

The location, the last resort

If the level of your battery is so worrying that you need all the help possible, you can turn off the last resort, the location. For most applications it is essential, and the iPhone pulls a lot of this tool, but first things first.

To turn off this function you must go to Settings> Privacy> Location, and deactivate it. It is the last option because many of the tools will be resentful as most of the geolocation pulls, but yes, you can live without it.

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