New to Cryptocurrency, Tokens and ICOs? Do not know what ones to Invest in? Check out this ICO WATCH LIST for the answers!

New to Cryptocurrency, Tokens and ICOs? Do not know what ones to Invest in? Check out this ICO WATCH LIST for the answers!

By: Joseph Reis – X Tech News

Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is a fundraising mechanism that has improved the operations of newly and upcoming companies. This innovation has helped fund new projects by selling their cyptotokens in exchange for Ether and bitcoins. This mechanism of crowdfunding has and will have profound effects on business and the larger economies of the world and the digital currency ecosystem. For many years, startup companies faced huge cost of regulatory compliance and the intermediary financial organizations. It has reduced the risk for investors especially those risk averse investors by giving them access to the features of a particular project starting at a later date.

ICO emerged in early 21st century specifically on July 2013 when the first token was held by mastercoin and 2014 when Ethereum raised over 3700 BTC in its first 12 hours with a token sale. However the ICO idea became popular in 2017 and it has since then became the dominant topic of discussion within the blockchain community.

The regulatory mechanisms of ICOs is evolving and complex. It can be regulated or not depending on the nature of the project. Although some countries such as china banned temporarily the ICO activities in China.

How ICO Works

This mechanism came into existence to help companies and individuals fund their projects in an easy and an efficient way. The tech startup team creates an ICO through a software platform powered by a coded software tokens. The team should produce a white paper describing its idea. The issuer creates its own tokens and releases them to the market. Everyone here is allowed to purchase the issued tokens in exchange for cyptocurrencies like bitcoins and ether.

Each coin will have a predetermined money value that cannot change during the operation period. The fact that ICO has little or no regulation makes it easy and faster for companies and individuals to transact. The creation and the sale of these tokens passes on a smart contract which runs on a blockchain.

Advantages of ICO

The sale of tokens has numerous advantages which includes;

  • Internet sale- This means that tokens can be traded and sold internationally using the internet since a token sale paid in digital currency is always open for business. Investors are only required to gather information on blockchain projects on various sources, companies, websites and discussion forums where everybody has a say on the matters regarding the ICO transactions.
  • Everybody can buy the tokens without any restrictions- The fact that the sale of tokens has little or no regulations in different countries opens a way for every citizen of a country to buy this tokens.
  • Tokens have a liquidity premium- Every token has an attached money value upon its sale. This price trades freely on the global markets which makes it easier for international investors to gather relevant information before buying the tokens. They are highly liquid since you can sell them, within a period of 10 minutes unlike equity investment which can take up to 10 years to become liquid.
  • Token buyers will be investors-This tokens will shorten the gap between professional investors and the token buyers. The internet will allow everybody through buying these tokens.
  • There are no intermediaries-all you need is to hold private keys to guarantee custody because there are no brokers and hedgers.
  • ICOs also bring several advantages to contributors over holding equity; there is transparency when using your funds since there is an escrow to verify how your funds are being spent after the ICO. There is early access to a token which has the potential for rapid capital growth. The ICOs operations are not regulated by any origination and hence it is easier and faster to operate with. This mechanism is also free from political and economic instabilities and shocks. It is also a high risk but a high rewarding asset which is disconnected from the stock market and the economy.


This is a one stop shop for securities token projects. Polymath takes into consideration two types of primary tokens. That is app tokens and securities tokens just like bitcoins and ethereum. They give you access to a decentralized network of insurers and investors.

  • Bitcoin- This is a cryptocurrency and payment system used all over the world. The system works without a central bank making it a decentralized digital currency. Transactions take place without an intermediary and are verified through the use of cryptography by use of network nodes. Bitcoins have a wide range of benefits as explained below;
  1. Transaction costs-When using bitcoins the transaction fees charged is lower. The fee charged is dependent on the size of the transaction data and not the amount transferred. The fee is also not based on who you are sending to or where they live. This makes bitcoins way much cheaper than other local money transfers.
  2. Secure-Use of bitcoins keeps personal information hidden protecting its users from identity theft. They can also be encrypted ensuring safety of money and no theft whatsoever. Users are also given a chance to be in control of their transactions. This makes it safe.
  3. Transparency- Bitcoin protocol cannot be compromised by any person or even organization due to the use of codes. All finalized transactions are made public for all to see except personal information by use of block chain. More so, in a bitcoin block chain anyone can verify a transaction.
  4. Low Risks-They offer protection against potential losses due to fraud because of the irreversible transactions and hidden personal information. By use of block chains, merchants are protected from con artists and fraudsters.
  • App coins- These type of coins don’t require a native token to function, instead they create value by enabling access to protocols. It is used through the block chain to keep track of a scarce token by developers instead of raising money from investors. The sale of this coin helps develop or maintain services with the sales coming before, during or after the development of the service. App coins can be used to exchange listings, the exchanges are being held to extend the reach of APPC token to more investors.

All you need here is a polymath token (PLY) to issue securities on the platform and to interact greatly with other investors. If you wonder where to get the PLY, just know by becoming a stakeholder you automatically gain the PLY. This makes it easy for non-technical issuers to launch security tokens.

  • Security tokens- These refer to any assets that can be traded. They are subject to federal securities regulations that must be adhered to strictly.
  • Ether- This an open digital currency used to operate smart contracts. Its programs run exactly as programmed and hence avoiding third-party interference, fraud and censorship. It works through the ethereum network. Ether has a number of advantages over bitcoins as described below;
  1. Its systems are immune to third-party interferences meaning that its data are free of changes unless initiated by the first party.
  2. Apps connected to ethereum cannot go down. This is an added advantage that ethereum systems are strong and better to work with.
  3. As said earlier, ether is free from censorship; this means it cannot be prone to corruption.
  4. It has no limit of the megabytes used and hence it can be used for fundraising using the smart contracts created.
  5. Mining bitcoins takes several hours as opposed to the mine of ether tokens which takes few seconds. This makes ether easier and faster to mine and transact


  • One-stop-shop for securities token projects
  • Connect issuers to investors
  • Easy for non-technical issuers to launch security tokens
  • Strong team and great list of advisors including 2 ethereum co-founders
  • A network of KYC/AML verified users to transact securities globally
  • Complies with regulations
  • KYC baked into protocol
  • Liquidity Support
  • Application layer
  • Legal
  • Decentralized Token
  • No technical skills required


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This is a decentralized data management platform that uses NEO as its blockchain. Here, users decide which kind of data companies and individuals get access to and which companies should collect this data. All the transactions on this APEX platform use CPX token. Chinapex is the best platform that has arrived to simplify the way people market, personalize their data and how they do their analytics. APEX integrated into the network of existing products from Chinapex such as NEXUS, companies can analyses, manage and actively correct data using provided tools.

APEX is a very useful platform in the blockchain community with a number of benefits to the users;

  1. It passes value and data ownership back to the consumers and eventually increasing market effectiveness, data quality and consumer loyalty for the enterprise.
  2. When a company tries to use data from a user, a notification message is sent to the user with further links asking for accreditation. When the users click on these links, they are directed to further rewards in CPX
  3. The companies can run targeted marketing without waste of resources such as time and money using this platform.
  4. When this technology is combined with Chinapex knowledge and IQ products, the data can also be used for machine learning and artificial intelligent models.
  5. The CPX will alkso be used to pay for existing chinapex products such as analytics and data management.


The Bee Token

This is the first decentralized short term rental platform which connects hosts with guests without taking any commission on services provided. Here the hosts list their homes for the guests to find them. This blockchain-based platform has several benefits as discussed below;

  1. It utilizes the Bee token mechanism hence eliminating middlemen which is an added advantage to the hosts and guests since there is 0% commissions while providing an ultimate user experience. This makes the process more transparent, easy and efficient.
  2. There are zero fees involved during the transactions and hence this makes it more reliable and user friendly.
  3. The beenest consists of engineers from google, faebook and uber to ensure that the user experience is mentioned high and avoid the exorbitant transaction fees.

Project Whitepaper:

  • A decentralized short-term housing rental platform i.e. a decentralized Airbnb
  • Zero fees and more transparency
  • Group of ex-Google, Facebook, and Uber engineers
  • Backed by Blocktower – advisors include Richard Ma of Quantstamp, Victor Santos of Airfox, Kevin Zhou former head of trading at Kraken, Sam Yam Cofounder & CTO Patreon
  • Possible partnership with Bancor


ANN thread on Bitcointalk:
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Iot Chain

IOT stands for Internet of Things aimed to solve IoT’s issues with identity, security and interoperability. IoT is ranked the 4th industrial revolution which consists of a variety network sensor nodes that generates unprecedented flow of global data. The mechanism is set to share and exchange data within the existing internet the existing internet infrastructure. The global market of IoT is growing after every second and has reached 1.7 trillion dollars with millions of the IoT services.

The ethereum platform raised the initial funds of the project. This platform has played a huge role in the supply chain management. The IoT chain team is working day and night to install an operation system that is lite and high security.

The IoT chain team is made up of XieZhuopeng who is the CEO. He has profound knowledge in blockchain and has experience in smart hardware. Ding Ying has also worked closely with the other team to ensure efficient delivery of services. Zhao Tan is the Chief technology Officer who has an MBA and a CPA of china, Singapore and United Kingdom.

IoT chain has several investors including; The Link capital Finance who are an award winning team with over 40 years’ experience in residential and commercial lending. FBG capital which is a digital asset management firm and also handles promising blockchain projects and companies.

ICOs is a new idea in the ears of many in the world but it’s with time getting less complex and interesting to deal with. The ICO mechanism until now is unregulated in most countries of the world but it has left room for regulations. This is one of the things and innovations that will bring great changes in the financial systems of the world.


ITC is the abbreviation of IOT unchain Token, which is used to support the decentralized OS of IOT. As the measure of value transfer in the ecosystem, any value transfer about the use and ownership as well as the content on intelligent devices must be settled by ITC.

Connected to blockchain through smart devices, users can get access to the devices after payment with token. At the same time, as the ICT ecosystem will generate mass data, this data can be applied to AI study and business decision making. Users of the data need to pay with tokens for the data abstract and the privacy to users will be under absolute protection.


  • Strong investors (FBG)
  • Strong comparable with IOTA at $12bn
  • Little advertising so far
  • Partnerships with
  • Shanghai High flying electronics technology
  • Peoples daily digital communication
  • Shenzhen Galaxywind Network system
  • Shanghai Shuncom Smart Technology
  • Telink semiconductor
  • Shanghai BeTiger Network Technology
  • Shenzhen LEnze Technology

Why is it Important?

  • Security
  • IOT is susceptible to botnet attacks
  • Cost
  • IOT has a high cost of centralised architecture
  • Maintaining the centralised cloud and large scale serve cluster is very expensive

Core technology

  • Asymmetrical encryption
  • ITC nodes protect the users privacy
  • The blockchain cannot be tampered with
  • Scalability
  • The future ITC will have tens of thousands of nodes to meet the needs of IOT data storage with the blockchain.
  • Consensus system
  • PBFT consensus, the DAG network

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