iPhone X deprives hair

iPhone X deprives hair

By: Joseph Reis – X Tech News

The premium smartphone iPhone X was revealed a new drawback, negatively affecting the user experience. As it turned out, the owners of the “dozens” massively complain that their gadget literally tears out their hair – they get stuck between the case and the screen during a telephone conversation.

In the media, this defect was already called “the stupid reason to abandon the iPhone X”.

Users stated that not only the hair but also the moustache and beard enter the slot. For some of them, this lack has become a real problem.

“Does anyone else have an iPhone X pulling out their hair? My doing so several times a day, when I hold it by the ear. It starts to annoy. I called Apple and they promised to replace the device, but I’m curious – do I have one problem or is it a design defect? ​​”- one of the users of the official forum of the ” apple “company writes.

Judging by the activity in this topic, the problem still has a massive, not an individual character. One of the commentators said that he had already stopped counting how many times he felt pain from his new gadget. To get out of this situation and save the iPhone X, he offered to buy a protective case with which the hair remains safe.

Other owners of Apple’s flagship confirmed that the cover solves this problem, but not everyone is ready to hide their iPhone in a case, and many of them do not like it at all.

Some users of Twitter also wrote about accidental tearing of hair during a voice call. One of them said that he “hates this phone” because of this defect.

As it turned out, this problem is not unique to the iPhone X. Previously, the owners of the iPhone 6 complained about pulling out their hair, inventing the #Hairgate hashtag by analogy with Watergate. One of the victims advises buying this gadget only “absolutely bald” people.

They do not learn from mistakes

Recently, Apple now and then becomes a party to scandals, despite its credibility and boundless love from the fans. In late December, the company was accused of deliberately slowing down processors on older iPhones to provoke the user to abandon the previous model and order a new one.

Apple had to admit that the slowdown did take place, but it was not used for marketing purposes, but for prolonging the service life of worn out batteries. Despite the complete repentance and recognition of the error, the company faces several lawsuits, including in the US and France, where intentional obsolescence of devices is considered criminal.

What is characteristic, after this scandal Apple temporarily allowed to do a “rollback” to the older versions of iOS, in which the processor braking function was not implemented.

In mid-2017, it became known about the spyware Fruitfly, which attacks laptops based on Mac OS.

Problems with this operating system and Apple laptops are in principle quite rare, so they often attract increased attention.

Cybersecurity experts found fragments of Fruitfly code in the Mac OS of the sample of 2014, that is, maliciousness existed for at least three years. In early 2018, a 28-year-old hacker from the United States, Phillip Durachinski, was charged with using Fruitfly, which he adapted for Windows, for 13 years he followed other people through a webcam and microphones.

It is reported that Durachinsky is also accused of the possession of child pornography, since among his victims there are minors, for whom he watched and recorded video without their knowledge. In Apple, which for three years and could not protect their devices from malicious software, have not yet been given any comments.

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