One terabyte in 4 cm: this is the smallest new USB-C pen drive in the world

One terabyte in 4 cm: this is the smallest new USB-C pen drive in the world

By: Joseph Reis – X Tech News

Presented by the company Sandisk, demonstrates the evolution of flash memory in recent years and prepares us for a future much more focused on the mobile

Televisions, mobile phones, new ‘chips’ and even smart cars. The CES, the largest technology fair in the world, each year leaves us a lot of products that attract the attention of the industry and one of them measures only 4 centimeters. It is a ‘flash memory’ with USB-C output of 1 terabyte, the smallest in the world with this capacity, according to the company, which shows how the storage industry has advanced in recent years. Presented by SanDisk, this ‘pen drive’ leaves behind USB 3.0 to bet on the new output that almost all Android phones and more and more computers are already assembling.

The competition in the field of storage grows every year with giants like SanDisk itself or Kingston fighting for this juicy market. In 2017 Kingston left at CES its brand with a small USB 2 TB ‘pen drive’ but this 2018 its main competitor has wanted to retaliate and has presented this tiny product that, in addition, follows the line of something that has been requested for years: the possibility of being able to connect the memory to the mobile without adapters or anything similar. SanDisk forgets the USB 3.0 and bets for the USB-C in a movement that rests on something quite settled in the industry: that the mobile is gaining weight by leaps and bounds over the computer.

But this is not just a product for mobile as more and more computers also incorporate USB-C port in an evolution that includes manufacturers such as Apple, which in its new MacBook already introduces this output is still unknown to many. The goal, according to the company, is that it is easier than ever to save, move and share information to your liking. “Smartphones, drones, action cameras and virtual reality glasses (VR) are capturing and creating content that users want to have and share with friends and followers alike.” Therefore, consumers are looking for easier ways to capture, preserve, access and share your personal content as it becomes richer and more robust. ”

Worst? Yes, everything points to that it will not be tremendously affordable for all budgets. Today a Sandisk SSD USB-C memory of that capacity and normal size is around 350 dollars, and surely this new product exceeds that price.

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