Libra Credit Receives Over $16 Million Dollars to Democratize Lending and Bring Liquidity to the Crypto Marketplace



Libra Credit, co-founded by ex-PayPal executives Lu Hua and Dan Schatt, announced the receipt of over $16 million during its most recent token sale. Libra Credit’s products offer low interest lending products to investors of crypto currencies and crypto assets.

Institutional investors participating in Libra Credit’s (LBA) most recent token sale include 500 Startups, DHVC, GBIC, Alphabit Fund, Dekrypt Capital, FBG Capital, DFund, BlockTower and Signum Capital. Libra Credit is transforming the lending industry by leveraging its proprietary credit scoring algorithms with blockchain technology.

“We are excited to have the support of leading blockchain investment companies such as 500 Startups, DHVC, GBIC, Alphabit Fund, Dekrypt Capital, FBG Capital, DFund, BlockTower and Signum Capital. These valuable partnerships allow us to continue to shape the lending industry. Our goal is to harness blockchain technology to revolutionize the lending industry, bringing inclusive financial services to the world.” – Dan Schatt, President of Libra Credit

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About Libra Credit

LIBRA CREDIT is a decentralized global lending network that facilitates open access to credit anywhere and anytime. Founded by former PayPal technical and financial experts, Libra Credit is a leader in the lending industry, specializing in blockchain technology. Using a suite of decentralized lending smart contracts, Libra Credit allows its borrowers to choose from two forms of lending denominations: stable cryptocurrency or fiat money. Libra Credit is set to revolutionize the lending industry by merging an established global lending network, a diverse team of entrepreneurial leaders, and the power of blockchain technology.

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