Month: May 2018

Steve Case and JD Vance are speaking at Disrupt SF on startup opportunities outside of Silicon Valley – TechCrunch

We’re excited to announce Steve Case and JD Vance will sit down for a fireside chat at Disrupt SF this September. There’s plenty to talk about, too, including the pair’s latest venture: A massive $150 million seed fund backed by an impressive group of investors that are targeted at startups

This newly funded startup wants to help women gauge their reproductive health a lot sooner in life – TechCrunch

It’s often the case that women don’t think much about their reproductive health until they have to. Sometimes it begins with an aside from a well-meaning gynecologist — or one’s impatient parents. Sometimes, it’s because a couple is ready to try conceiving and it’s proving harder than they imagined it

Neighborhood Goods raises $5.75M to reinvent the department store – TechCrunch

Neighborhood Goods, a startup rethinking the traditional department store experience, is announcing that it has raised $5.75 million in seed funding. CEO Matt Alexander (who co-founded the company with Mark Masinter) told me via email that while the largely static layout and offerings of a department store provide a degree

Trilogy Education gets $50M to build a market-driven bootcamp program for universities – TechCrunch

While coding bootcamps may be in the middle of a shakeout, technology companies around the world are still going to be struggling to fill slots with people equipped with the skills to tackle real-world problems right from the get-go — and Dan Sommer hopes the answer is through universities. That’s the