What’s Next In Virtual Reality Gaming?

What’s Next In Virtual Reality Gaming? By: Joseph Reis – Owner of X Tech News – xtechnews.com

When VR gaming first arrived on the scene, it seemed huge. It had been eagerly anticipated for years, teased for months, and felt like a breakthrough to a whole new type of gaming. Most people understood that the earliest experiences were just that, and that things would get better, so even some so-so games were forgiven. VR was still exciting, new, and fascinating. Despite that early excitement though, it feels like VR hasn’t really broken any significant barriers since coming to market. There are more affordable headsets now, and some better games, but there hasn’t been any major shift to drive up consumer interest.

Maybe there never will be. It could be that the VR market will just gradually improve and progress over time, and in fact this might be the most likely course of events. There are some developments that figure to be around the corner that could give VR fairly significant boosts though.

Home Gaming Machines

There’s been a fair amount of talk of late about VRcades, which will function as public spaces for virtual reality gaming. One of the main benefits of these businesses will be that they can easily house machines that people can’t afford or can’t place in their homes, such as fake cars for VR racing games and the like. However, we should probably expect a growing market for home VR gaming machines as well. For instance, just last year an article came out about a device called the Kat Walk Mini that promises a compact, affordable treadmill for in-game movement. A similar product (though a more expensive one) once appeared on Shark Tank. Within a few years, machines like these could be relatively commonplace among VR gamers.

Full VR Casinos

If you’ve had your eye on VR’s impact on digital casinos, you’ve perhaps noticed two kinds of games: poker, and animated slots. Both types of games have been developed in VR, but only as individual games. When you think of the broader picture of VR, there’s a lot more to be done. Roulette, blackjack, and other table and card games are also very popular digitally. Resurgent enthusiasm for bingo has led to new sites specifically revolving around this somewhat old-fashioned game. There’s a lot of video game casino content out there, and very little of it is in VR yet. It makes one wonder if full VR casinos, offering not individual experiences but rather whole collections of games, might be on the way.

VRcade Chains

We touched on VRcades earlier, and they are indeed starting to become real businesses, primarily in big cities and those known for entertainment. There isn’t a major chain of VRcades yet, and this really feels like an inevitability. Eventually, one might bet, one of these facilities will be more successful than the rest, open additional franchises, and eventually become a big, perhaps even international chain. That’s the hope, anyway, for those who would be interested in trying a VRcade but don’t have easy access to one.

Playable Films

When virtual reality was still brand new, it seemed as if playable sequences from popular films would be some of the first game-like applications to make it big. The Martian, which was big at the time, famously produced just such an application. These have died off for the time being however, with original games winning out and films remaining surprisingly separate from the VR excitement. That said, there are rumblings of films being produced for VR, there are ways to watch video content on VR devices, and playable films – or at least playable scenes from films – still seem inevitable. We’d bet that within another two years, there will be a lot more crossover between cinema and VR gaming.

Designt-Your-Own Games

There’s plenty of design happening in virtual reality, in programs ranging from Minecraft to Tilt Brush. What we haven’t seen much of though is the idea of designing your own level or world for a video game. This is something we see in apps and PC games, and sometimes even console games, but it would be all the more thrilling in VR. We’re talking about the chance to play a game by way of actually exploring a world you designed yourself, and this is something that’s going to be too exciting for developers to pass up, eventually.

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