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Libra Credit Receives Over $16 Million Dollars to Democratize Lending and Bring Liquidity to the Crypto Marketplace

SINGAPORE, APRIL 23rd, 2018 Libra Credit, co-founded by ex-PayPal executives Lu Hua and Dan Schatt, announced the receipt of over $16 million during its most recent token sale. Libra Credit’s products offer low interest lending products to investors of crypto currencies and crypto assets. Institutional investors participating in Libra Credit’s (LBA)

Libra Credit Welcomes ALPHABIT Fund CEO Liam Robertson to Advisory Board

Libra Credit, leader in lending and developer of a globally inclusive financial services ecosystem, announces the addition of Liam Robertson, CEO of the US$300 million regulated Alphabit Digital Currency Fund, to its Advisory Board. SINGAPORE, APRIIL 8th, 2018—ALPHABIT Fund CEO Liam Robertson, One of the Biggest Names in Cryptocurrency, Joins Libra Credit’s

Binance Moving to Malta

Moving To Malta The most popular cryptocurrency exchange in the world, Binance, is making their move to Malta. The exchange with $1.6 billion of daily volume made over $200 million profit during quarter 1 of 2018. Binance currently has no official headquarters and tries to keep locations secret for security reasons. However,

Rakuten will roll its $9B loyalty program into a new blockchain-based cryptocurrency, Rakuten Coin

Back in 2016, Amazon’s Japanese rival Rakuten acquired Bitnet, a bitcoin wallet startup that it had previously invested in, to help it work on blockchain technology and applications. Today, one of the first fruits of that deal has come to light. The company is planning a new cryptocurrency called Rakuten Coin

Unsplash raises $7.25M to bring cryptocurrency to its free, curated photo platform

Unsplash is rethinking the way photography gets distributed and monetized, and today it’s announcing a $7.25 million Series A to fund those efforts. The site actually started as a side project for freelance marketplace Crew, but eventually the founders decided to focus on Unsplash and sold Crew to Dribbble. While